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Change picks anytime until the race closes!

If your pick(s) scratch, you will get the post-time favorite!
Prize Distribution:
1st - 4th$875 Token$875.00
5th - 7th$235 token$235.00
GAME RULES FOR ā˜…Gā˜…$20,000 SAT DEC. 6
Game Type: Bullet
Each player selects one horse per race. Scoring is based on track payouts.
Bet Type: $2 Win-Place
Caps: Payoffs are capped at $32 to win, $18 to place, $10 to show
- All races close at about 1 minute to post.

Minimum entries for tournament: 63
Maximum entries for tournament: 98
Max entries per player: 2
DerbyWars Point Bonuses:
Player's bonus = 1175 points
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ā˜…Gā˜…$20,000 SAT DEC. 6 Bullet , $2 Win-Place, 0 Races
  • prize: $20,000
  • buy in: $235
  • players: 98 / 98
1 $ supreme27(1) 97.90
2 $ dodobird(1) 97.40
3 $ humanzee(1) 89.20
4 $ Sophia(2) 89.10
5 $ dhaluska(1) 87.60
6 $ mezmac(1) 85.70
7 $ reded497(1) 81.80
8 $ taytay(1) 78.80
9 $ flash37(1) 71.50
10 $ youare2020(2) 70.80
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